Vacation Fast Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Vacation Fast Facts-                                                                

  • 14 Calendar days per year
  • Paid in full, as usual, and on time
  • Discussed in advance
  • Mutually agree on between host family and au pair

Frequently Asked Questions- 

  • If the au pair is typically only scheduled Monday-Friday, when they go on a trip, do weekend days still count as vacation days?
    • YES! If you were a nurse in a hospital who worked 3 days per week, and you wanted to go on a 7 day trip, you would need to request 7 days off from work- not 3.
  • Who gets to choose when the vacation time is taken?
    • It is to be decided between BOTH the host family and the au pair. If there are specific dates that are absolutely needed, talk about them when interviewing. If your family is planning to visit the U.S. and you want to travel with them, let your host family know far in advance, or even be included in the planning process PRIOR TO your family purchasing their tickets. If your work schedule has a very demanding season that does not allow for your au pair to vacation during that time, discuss it in interviewing. Be open, be honest, be respectful 🙂
  • Can an au pair take vacation all at once (or) can they break it up and take multiple long weekends throughout my year?
    • Either. There are different needs for both host families and au pairs, and there are times in which breaking the days up, or taking them all together do make the most sense. As I’ve said above, TALK AHEAD OF TIME. Allow plenty of time to receive feedback on what works best for the others involved, and do your best to accommodate and communicate.
    • Most commonly, what seems to keep everyone satisfied is splitting the time into two one week periods. One chosen by the au pair, and one chosen by the host family (both of course discussed and confirmed with the other).
  • Does an au pair still get paid for vacation?
    • Yes, the weekly stipend of $195.75 must still be paid exactly the same as a typical work week


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